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Re-braiding must not be confused with re-covering. Re-covering entails slipping a new cover over an old core. This method is not precise, consequently the quality of the line is compromised by slippage and uneven strength distribution.

A new cover

Re-braiding refers to the way in which a new cover is applied to an existing rope and employs the same methods of construction that are used in the production of new rope.

Protect value

With re-braiding the new cover is woven over the existing core, producing a perfect fit that does not in any way compromise quality.


Increasing demand for lighter, stronger and superior performing lines has lead to covers becoming a focal point in the innovation of rope manufacturing.

Mixed fibers

This in turn has initiated custom design of covers with mixed fibres such as Technora, DYNEEMA™, Cordura, Vectran, HT Polyamide and HT Polyester.

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