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In an age of rapid technological development, ropes represent in some respects a connection and continuity with a past tradition. In the context of boats, this tradition governed the way in which man harnessed the elements to propel himself through the water. Today, ropes are used in much the same way as they always have been, yet the materials used in their construction have changed dramatically. Whereas in the past, natural fibers such as Manila hemp or Sisal represented the standard raw material used in rope construction, today an array of artificially developed materials have produced an a variety of fibers holding different properties that can be exploited to meet the diverse needs of modern day yachts.

Ropes with service

It is our aim to remain knowledgeable of developments in technology that may provide benefits to rope manufacture. We intend to always be in a position to be able advise our customers with respect to all matters rope related.
Rebraided lines
Re-braiding can save you up to 70% of the replacement cost of a line and can also increase the lifespan of your line’s core.

The value of re-braided lines

It is common for lines used on sailing vessels to be exposed to the elements. This has the effect of reducing the life of line covers, however not necessarily the life of the line core, where the lines integrity lies.

An important purpose of a line’s cover is to offer the line’s core protection against the most damaging effects of the environment in which the line operates.

This protection is felt principally against the damaging effects of UV rays, abrasion and chafe. In addition the line’s cover plays a critical role in providing grip to the line. So though a rope may look tattered and old, in many instances what this means, is that the cover has served its purpose by offering protection to the core, with the result that the core may still be fit for purpose. In such cases, the lines must still be tested for safety loads in order to determine the integrity of the core.

Restoring lines

Through re-braiding DURATEC ROPE salvages damaged lines, by restoring them to a condition similar to the time of purchase. We achieve this by uniquely offering you a way of recovering damaged rope by salvaging the core and using this as input to our braiding machines, which re-braid around the core a new cover. In this process, there is the further option to increase the strength, heat resistance and performance of your lines, by mixing fibers such as Technora, Spectra (DYNEEMA™) Vectran and other fibers.

Our team is constantly working to perfect new fiber blends and coatings intended to improving quality and performance; the blending of different fibers for line covers can both increase the strength and the lifespan of the cover.